Springhouse ‘Clubhuis voor vernieuwers’ is een recent opgerichte organisatie. Het is een samenwerking van diverse disciplines die concrete interventies ontwerpen gericht op maatschappelijke vernieuwing. In het kader van de recente verkiezingen in Nederland Read More

Last Friday I attended a dialogue at Kennisland between their research project 'The Wicked Series' in collaboration with Hivos and 'Social Design for Wicked Problems' (SDFWP) initiated by Het Nieuwe Instituut, Twijnstra Gudde en Tabo Goudswaard.  The Wicked Series organized ...Read More

Recently I was at a windowmakersshop because I needed a fence for a stairwell. It always takes some getting used to dealing with skillful craftspeople. If anything goes, you have to contemplate well about what it is you really want. ...Read More

During an event in the Statenhal in Den Haag, organised by the House of Parliament, the Open State Foundation and Netwerk Democratie, Parliamentary  data sets were offered to invited makers and thinkers to develop apps that explore the possibilities of ...Read More

De Reuvensdagen is an annual archeology conference organised by Erfgoed Nederland, this time at the Philharmonie, Haarlem.Jaarlijks archeologie congres 'De Reuvensdagen' voor  Erfgoed Nederland in de Philharmonie, Haarlem Read More

A new logo for the Innovationbrigade (InnovatieImpulsOnderwijs) that invites schools to consider innovating towards their ideal way of educating.Een logo voor de Innovatiebrigade (InnovatieImpulsOnderwijs) die scholen uitnodigt om volgens hun ideaalbeeld gehanteerde lesmethodes te vernieuwen. Read More

During an Open Space session initiated by The Learning Lab l was invited to participate as space holder/facilitator. Open Space Technology in short is a way of organizing self-managed meetings. It took place at a school in Roosendaal (NL) which ...Read More

For a special anniversary edition of national archeology conference the Reuvensdagen organized by Erfgoed Nederland in De Doelen, Rotterdam, Who cares? took the 4 shades of the logo as startingpoint for a colourful, and recognizable layering throughout the whole venue. Voor ...Read More

As if it's in the air I recently stumbled upon the news that Dutch jeans brand G Star and Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra joined hands in launching an authorized reedition of Prouvé's Chaise Directeur. I learned to appreciate  the work ...Read More

Sometimes something grabs you, in my case this often happens because of a love for architecture. This stroke of genious that I recently passed by is the VitraHaus for yes, famous Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra, built by Swiss architects Herzog&de ...Read More