Click on the image to see the flyer (NL) or look here to see when to join in for the next Meet Up of Social Innovation Network NL! For more information also look at Klik op de afbeelding voor de flyer of zie hier ...Read More

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Recently I attended a conference called Wireless Stories, New Media in Public Space. What realy intrigued me, while listening to the speakers that day, was that the approach of this new paradigm in mediated storytelling is actually quite parallel to event ...Read More

As if it's in the air I recently stumbled upon the news that Dutch jeans brand G Star and Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra joined hands in launching an authorized reedition of Prouvé's Chaise Directeur. I learned to appreciate  the work ...Read More

Sometimes something grabs you, in my case this often happens because of a love for architecture. This stroke of genious that I recently passed by is the VitraHaus for yes, famous Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra, built by Swiss architects Herzog&de ...Read More

During the Social Innovation Safari organized by Kennisland/ Knowledgeland (KL) multidisciplinary teams worked on a variety of cases by different private and public organisations in the Amsterdam area. One of those cases and the outcomes is highlighted below. Ijburg, being one ...Read More